India's most popular companies

 India's most popular companies 

and see her the government owner companies list below.

Government of India is the good company is running the many years these are some of the interesting story to see her the Government of India many years to very good communication of one of the company BSNL Government of India maintain very high quality and old company these type of news this information to see the this post.

Government of India running the mini corporations.

Companies are old and most of the job creations also number one position in India these are first one is Indian oil corporation this is Government of India best funding to and maintain the high quality of services in many years these time to this services help of the normal person one of the real example to give the one example for women.
1918 time to create the 15 kg of gas cylinder is used the every woman in kitchen applications to definitely used the this services like Government of India first recognisation of company to launch the services to very normal and very high amount of charge to apply the create this product and then Government of India to subsidy to give the normal householders to plan this stream to meet in the services to every India to householders to give the Indian oil corporation gas.

One of the another biggest company is telecommunication BSNL these are very good and old services this services are mini places and 1980s time to 1 first company start the telecommunication in India this communicate the one person to another person to launch the first telephone and DC wire based connection to very slow and these overall many cities and districts and some villages also connect to the services to help the one person communication very useful and the services maintain by the government of India.

Prasara Bharat this is one of the biggest and communicate the television services like Air India to akashvani program to radio station maintain the many years these radio stations this time also working the variable present this time also Prasar Bharat to running the DD name to running the 60 + television channels and these are some local languages regional based television channels maintain the many years this time government of India officially running the one new SmackDown also Indian times this prasara Bharat running to me the Government of information share the normal people to create this company and these are present is not working to close the Government of India.

One of the higher education to help of the people to free services and education world to lower level and higher level education free to all states and higher education level 2 free of cost of education like universities maintain the Government of India totally maintain very high quality present also worldwide biggest and top universities maintain the Government of India.

Development authority functions to create the very big amount of the money spend to the smart cities to spend the very high level budget these way to most of the development of the British to help of the citizen peoples this time to some of the metro trains this very very big amount of to find the metro stations to maintaining very high amount and people also used the services directly maintain the Government of India look like a parliament .

railway station is maintain the very so many years to working this times to very good best services give the trains low cost to very high services provide the normal people to this services online to present IRCTC running the maintaining full services catering services also available in this steps IRCTC good number of company is to connect the like tourism and travelling companies also directly link and hotel companies also.

Indian airlines many years to working the airlines business to 2020 second year also maintaining this services but some of the furious to the services to connect the only airport aadharit is to maintain the Government of India these time government in India only airline services to authority services maintaining one authority services to very fuse amount of the collection the every airport create the amount of money to give larger communicate when airlines to another airlines this things connecting the airline authority...

Indian post office this is the very good and present also working the services Government of India the services to one person telegram based post is to reach the in home present situation to speed post and catering services also add the Government of India begam amount of the money gathering to services to give the large amount to working the sector so many years and the successful to working time before internet this one way to share the any physical.

Indian banks this is the one of the best government undertaking of most of the bankings to RBI under to working very good and services in top government companies of my companies majority banking sector to control the services biggest platform maintain the services to only companies to marjana all small and medium banks to transfer companies to maintain Government of India.

Some of the times to government of India biggest services is navy is so many years to working and security purpose of Indian Navy very good and hair based and water based to these are best way to working to so many years these every year 20% of economy budget give to very high amount of recruitment to offer the mini people. Most of the times India government is the very high and good member companies to running the many years this time also plan the very high and best tourism services start the Government of India.

Government of India one of the biggest services all some important major sector to discussing this post your answer like and to the information.

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