2024 year general election who is next PM in India.

 2024 year general election who is next PM in India.

Present time to next 2 years time to all states to elections of lok sabha and parliamentary elections coming to this 2 years time to new political changes coming in India this big fight to National Congress party and other one is Bhartiya Janata party.

Samadhi changes in 2004 to 2014 years time to National Congress party lead the in India president of prime minister in mammohan Singh 22 terms working very well these time after 2014 time Bharatiya Janata party Loksabha 300 seats to win coming the ruling party 2014 year Narendra Modi government forming.

This time to 2024 year very big competition coming the general election and lok sabha also rajya sabha seats to increase in very high this way to sum of new changes coming to upcoming general election time big fight the all .

On political parties to effort the upcoming general election time to this time sum of other small and big political action to sum small political parties like MIM and recently aam aadami party also coming the national party name to join this year to Gujarati election after this party local party to national party change the rules of election commission.

Gujarat elections 2022 is the very big victory create the Bharatiya Janata party this time to Himachal Pradesh government or not forming to Bharatiya Janata party this place to Congress party replace the state win the total magic figure to farming the government.

So many years after the Congress party big achievement to coming the good amount of coming the.

This present year 2020 3rd year upcoming lok sabha and rajya sabha elections coming some states like Karnataka Telangana and next 6 months after AP also coming to elections these are plan to bring the BJP Bhartiya Janata party to try the very hard work to farming the government in local farming government in parliament

Present 2023rd most of the important key roll points in opposition parties write the sum of issues in this year most of the times unemployment and daily uses of products very high and petrol diesel these type of information to collect the opposition parties to rise the questions to government ask the normal people how to leaving in India this too much of cost increasing

Agneepath stream 2 samapti peoples are very highly rejections to the youth and political parties this is very very high voltage create the in normal people also angry this type of joining of 4 years time military to some people are very hard work to band this jio and cancel the this type of recruitments to find in court and normal V2 strikes and political parties to these are every stage to appeal the people to next government forming time to remove the Agneepath scheme to upcoming government to promising the Congress party and other parties also.

One of the India best and New Delhi present very low and temperature to people are very suffered time to some of common points to solution Indian government to first one is pollution control board to very hard implemented to this way to pollution control to weather also control in normal stage this way to working the ground level to save plants and some of the weather conditions also explain the normal people to control the sum of natural resources save to help of the people.

Pregnant 2020 3rd year very big achievement in Bharatiya Janata party 2020 3rd Gujarat election complete swipe to 1 way to create the forming government this is the big achievement to Bharatiya Janata party and this year one of the big of collection to Congress party Himachal Pradesh is coming to farming a government this also is a good ghost in year of 2022 this time to another point of aam aadami party also coming the national party status in Gujarati election time to this year all parties are win the summer new rules and other one is the national level politics game changing this year and lok sabha elections 2024 big fight to upcoming general elections.

Normally every party is the dream to forming the government this is very big achievement to try the very hard work in all parties but some of the national parties only to Congress party and Bhartiya Janata party both parties only farming the government and some other time to farming the support with small parties to farming the government or not for farming to continue five years time this way to people are show to only national parties to farming the government.

This time Mori government to biggest problem is 2000 note is missing to ATMs and banks also these notes where are going this black money to stock of the first is bank and other places to store the black money to use this 2000 note this election time so only coming to the people this way to sum of people are going to appeal the supreme court to this is way to some of interesting points coming the supreme court 2000 notes coming to time directly ordinance based to issue the this order you are discussing to parliament after these working continue to the properly you are not working this way RBI not good approach to the parliament not using parliament.

General general elections time to many of political parties give the big amount of the free offers to the people these time to election commission new rules political parties how to your finish of the work your promises to give the people like every one house and farmers to 2 lakh rupees loan clearings and other type of free offers to how to your this promises clarity to inform after you are so releasing time to the information tell the election commissions information.

This time to one of the big fight with three parties like national parties Congress and Bharatiya Janata party these new time national party fight with aam Aadmi party also farming the government to small parties support to rider lok sabha very hard work to Arvind Kejriwal.

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