sun network group radio and tv south languages

 sun network group radio and tv south languages

highlight: the old tv channels group and 98.3 radio stations

reginal agave based tv channels are running the group.

sun tv network  is owned by the Kalanithi Maran, 7 channels Tamil  language name is suntv, 6 channels telugu  language name is Gemini tv, 5 channels kannada  language name is udaya tv, 5 channels tamil  language name is surya tv, 2 channels bengali  language name is sun bangal tv, 2 channels marathi language name is sun Marathi tv.

General Entertainment in the all languages are top rate and trp, suntv group runing tv channels in sd and hd version avelabull, sun group owned radio and dth servies are provided the paid version.

sun network group is running 33 channels asperates 8hd channels 25 sd channels, filum making in sun pictures the started 2000 year many hit movies are budged other language. this group is run own OTT is sun NXT we series tv shows.

the sun group is one of the India listed companies in top 50 companies,  the most trusted the people is good content is provide tv serials and movie making sun movies,  ott of the sun next ott app the overalls the group is 98.3  ratio stations in the overall India  very popular city's every car and buss this  radio is used the traveling time the is private radio station in India,  all languages telugu , and tamil    top in the all tradio in the 98.3 radio services in Inida, 

crickets matches is sun rises team to  taken the all of the rites in the Hyderabad time is best coaching to player    win the  two times  win the crickets marches best perfume  the sun group the live on the all tv channels  live the sun group the total group is33 channels are maintained the  sun group. 

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